The Software Engineering Cluster

The Software Engineering Group aims at providing methods, tools and techniques to support software engineering practices. The research of the group includes Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering, Agile Software Development, Global Software Development, Open Source Software Development and User Oriented Design and Development of Software. A common denominator of the group is the emphasis on empirical research. A number of empirical approaches are deployed, for instance experiments, design research, qualitative research methods and action research. Most of the research takes place in corporation with software developing companies and organizations.

Check below for upcoming activities and events the members of the SE Cluster are involved in or want to promote.


Developing E-Banking Services for Rural India – Making use of Socio-Technical Prototypes
Yvonne Dittrich presented a Poster at the ICSE 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Role of Ethnographic Studies in Empirical Software Engineering
Yvonne Dittrich presented a journal article co-authored with Helen Sharp and Cleidson de Souza at the ICSE 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina